Pick the Best Wedding Cake for Your Wedding

11 avril 2013

You spent a great time in selecting that perfect dress for your wedding. You may now hope that the beautiful wedding gown be worn by your sister or your daughter on their ‘big day’ or you may want to treasure your affordable wedding dresses for sentimental reasons. In both the cases, you need to preserve the dress, in order to retain its beauty for the coming years. Many people do not know how to preserve their precious wedding dress and often end up in either spoiling the color or fabric of the gown or even staining it. If you are also in such a situation, then this article is just for you. Check out the following lines and know how to preserve your wedding dress.

The cleaning process often begins with the hem because it is usually the most soiled. Usually scrubbing the hem by hand. The biggest culprits are grass, mud, perspiration and body oils, make-up, and sugar, say professional cleaners. If you think you can not do it, then go to for a professional cleaners. Ask the dry cleaner to take care of your beautiful wedding dress during the cleaning process. Alert him about the stains in the gown, if any. If the ornaments in the gown are glued on to it, rather than sewed, do not forget to inform the cleaner about the same. This is very important, because the ornaments often fall off during the cleaning process.

After you have collected your wedding gown from the dry cleaner, place it in your closet, in a very neat manner. You may hang the wedding gown in a padded hanger, to avoid wrinkles. The wedding gown should be stored in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight.

Whether you choose to pass your classic wedding gown on to your daughter or simply keep it as a permanent record of your wedding day, your gown deserves special attention. By cleaning and storing it properly, you will have a lasting and well-preserved memento that you can treasure forever.

General Guidelines of Wedding Dresses Silhouette

10 avril 2013

A wedding dress is the gown or formal dress that a bride wears on her wedding day. This is often the most elaborate dress a bride will ever own. Buying an affordable wedding dress can be one of the best and one of the worst parts of planning a wedding. Try on a variety of dresses. A completely different style just might surprise you! Here are some general guidelines to help you get started on the road to wedding day bliss.

wedding gowns


The A-line or princess dress has no marked waist and the vertical seams flow from the shoulders down to a flared skirt, creating an « A » shape. If you carry your weight in the middle, this silhouette is a nice choice.

Ball gown

These gowns are normally quite formal, reminding you of Cinderella. The bodice is fitted with a very full skirt. Ball gowns can be long-sleeved, sleeveless or anywhere in between. The full skirt of a ball gown can hide large hips and thighs.


Empire waist wedding dresses have a raised waistline that starts right under the bust, flowing to a skirt that skims over the hips then flairs slightly to the floor. This romantic silhouette is flattering to most body types and is particularly flattering to small-breasted women.


As the name indicates, the mermaid wedding dress is contoured against the body then the gown flows out beginning around the knees. This is the sexiest of the styles. If you’re confident in your body, a mermaid dress can show off your curves.


The sheath or column dress has a slim shape that follows close to the line of the body. The straight design doesn’t allow for many body flaws. The long lines of a sheath gown can elongate the look of your body. Therefore this type of dress can work well for short brides.

Your wedding dress is one of a hundred decisions you’ll make during your wedding planning, but it’s a very important decision that will undoubtedly determine how you feel on your big day. So choose a dress that fits properly, flatters your figure and makes you feel like the beautiful bride that you are! More pretty wedding gowns: http://www.rainingblossoms.com/2-bridal-gowns.

Wedding Ideas for Great Spring Wedding

9 avril 2013

A time for new beginnings, spring is perhaps the best time to plan weddings. Spring weddings are the most colorful weddings. We will see with colors of spring weddings doing their work and making everything look new and beautiful. If you are planning a spring wedding, the beautiful wedding dress is of cause an essential part, but there is a lot you can do with the decorations and the wedding ideas will surely give you a million new concepts to try at your wedding.

Spring Colors

There are many colors that are associated with spring and these can be reflected in the theme for a spring wedding. In a majority of weddings held in spring; colors such as light pink, lemon yellow, sky blue and other lighter shades are popular choices. In order to create a warmer atmosphere at the wedding, you can add colors such as soft lilacs and minty greens to the decorations. A color combination of white and pink would really look beautiful for the wedding theme. Ivory and pastel green can also be considered as a good combination for spring weddings.

Wedding Dress

Spring weddings are often popular because of the weather. However, at this time of the year, the weather can still be changeable. Therefore, choosing a dress that is suitable for different weather is appropriate. A good choice is a sleeved wedding dress that can be paired with a bolero, shrug or wrap. This way, if the weather is warm, you can bare your arms, and if the weather is cooler, you have the option of wearing your dress accessories to keep warm but still look elegant on your special day.


Choosing seasonal flowers will not only fit in with your spring wedding theme, it could also potentially save you money. This is because flowers that are in season usually cost less than those grown out of season or imported. Some excellent choices include daffodils, lilies, sweet pas, cherry blossom and magnolia.

Spring is the season of rebirth and renewal, hence a perfect time to take marriage vows. And armed with the above ideas, any woman with her elegant wedding gown can look her best on the wedding day, making it the most special and unforgettable day ever.

Affordable Wedding Gowns – Great Option for the Brides

8 avril 2013

When buying your wedding requirements, whether it’s your wedding gown, wedding footwear, wedding veils or wedding invitations, the most important thing is always the wedding gown. Choosing an affordable wedding dress yet has fashionable style is the great option for the brides. Most brides have been dreaming of their wedding since they were a little girl. And finding the perfect wedding dress is an important part of planning the perfect wedding. But you don’t have to break the bank to have the perfect wedding dress. Finding an affordable wedding dress is easier than you might think.

affordable wedding dress

Finding cheap wedding dresses under 200 is a bit tough. Basically, the price tag on gowns depend on various aspects like designer, material used, extravagant patterns, embellishment, etc. But as women, we always look for gowns that are on sale or doesn’t cost everything we own. These kind of gowns and dresses have to make a statement at all times. We can’t just walk into a room wearing just anything. It has to be classy, in trend, and elegant, all at the same time. Which is why, if the task is restricted to purchasing inexpensive wedding dresses, it might take a while before we get somewhere.

A great place to find affordable wedding gowns is on eBay. With the popularity of this online retailer, many brides are choosing to sell their gown after their wedding, and you can benefit. There are hundreds of designer wedding gowns available at affordable prices. Selections vary day to day, but you can often find designer wedding dresses for less than $200. Some of these dresses have been worn once; others are samples from bridal shops. Another, if you are fond of the new wedding dress, you can go to the site: http://www.rainingblossoms.com/. There are also affordable but fashionable wedding gowns for you to choose.

How to Choose Suitable Prom Dresses

7 avril 2013

Buying a prom dress can be a long process and is especially difficult when you don’t want to reveal too much. Many dresses look beautiful on models in the catalog, but lose their charm the moment you wear them. This is probably because they are just not fit for your personality. To choose the most suitable prom dress, you need to consider the color, size and fabric of the attire and of course, your body shape.

Before your think on how to walk in a beautiful prom dress, you need first to decide what prom dress silhouette that gives you the comfort of walking and dancing. A ball gown prom dress is perfect for a fairy tale look prom dress which is wildly ridiculous yet fabulous. When you are in ball gown prom dress, there isn’t much problem when you walk on the red carpet. If you have a curvy figure, consider wearing a dress that highlights your waist, but creates an illusion of lesser hips and thigh weight. If you have a slim figure, go for an outfit that best highlights your silhouette.

To complete your elegance, consider the right shoes that would compliment the silhouette of your beautiful prom dress. Shoes certainly would affect your overall look as you carry your prom dress. Make your walk to the prom hall in low heeled to high heeled shoes. When wearing long prom dresses, you can opt for low heel sandals since your shoes would normally not be seen unless you make them seen. But when you are in short prom dresses, you need to complete your look with strappy sexy sandals. More great prom dresses: http://www.rainingblossoms.com/20-prom-dresses.

Prom Dresses 2013 to Shine Your Beautiful Night

3 avril 2013

When talking about affordable prom dresses shopping, Many people are too concerned about how the slide might turn out in the long run. They are involved that if they do the shopping now, They might end up appearing on their prom nights with an outdated piece of array or find many other people wearing the same principle. Prom 2013 is just around the corner, so a number of people are already planning on what to wear on the important event.prom dresses

Your close friend or member of the family could possibly have suggestions regarding which styles are perfect for you, but only you know what you are looking for. You need a unique prom dress 2013 that is of top quality cloth and also a price you can afford. Look no further, crimson prom gowns are famous for their beauty and look simply incredible when worn using the suitable accessories. Imagine bringing out the nice thing about a red dress by adding a pair of fantastic high heel shoes plus an exquisite piece of accessory around your neck. Aside from their beauty, red prom or elegant gowns is found at affordable prices at most retail and internet-based retailers.

Usually, there’s two dresses that are always in style with regards to the shadow. Those beautiful prom dresses will be the white ones and the black ones. The best thing with white and black is that they will never be behind the trend and so are constantly something which seems excellent. You’ll see that each prom season, you will always find a lot of black and white prom clothes on the market. Looking for those dresses if you’re uncertain what shades to check out since they will be something timeless you can wear. Additionally, if you can force the situation, you may even be capable of getting them to use it again! Differently, there are a lot of favorite colors nowadays. It seems that today, bright colors will always be in. For more information about cheap prom dresses, you can visit http://www.rainingblossoms.com/ to find more.

Prom Dresses Online for Plus Size Girls

2 avril 2013

Prom night is very special for every young children, which is why all youngsters want to look their best on this night. Every girl aspires to outshine others with their prom dress and perfect looks. However, for girls who are a bit on the fatty side for them it becomes quite a difficult task to find a beautiful prom dress that would help them in making the best of their figure.

Plus size girls are found more sensitive in choosing the right fabric, color and cut of the dress. Each body type has a corresponding and suitable cut and colors as well as design. Sadly though, not all the dresses found to suit you will also suit your budget as you planned, as most other companies charge additional fees for their plus size dresses.

The best way to find prom dresses online. Searching over the internet as you will get access to a large number of online stores that sell plus size prom dresses created by different designers at huge discounts. Searching over the internet will make it easier for you to find the perfect prom dress and what is more is that you will not have to exhaust yourself going from one physical store to another. In this way you can get what you are looking for without losing your beauty sleep!

Before you go shopping either in a store or online make sure that you measure yourself properly. Use a cloth tape to measure your bust, whilst wearing a well fitted bra, around it’s fullest, also measure your waist, which is about an inch above your navel, and your hips across their widest part. Write down these measurements. Always choose a dress size which fits the largest part of your body. The dress can then be altered and taken in to fit your figure correctly. More pretty prom dresses: http://www.rainingblossoms.com/20-prom-dresses.

Long Prom Dresses to Be Memorable

1 avril 2013

Prom dresses come in a variety of shapes, colors, and sizes. But one of the most noticeable style differences is the length. A recent fad has been for girls to show up to prom in shorter dresses instead of the traditional floor-sweeping gowns. Long prom dresses are a very traditional look, but this doesn’t mean that they’re old news and likely to be seen as boring when you’re at prom.long prom dresses

Long prom dresses are quite sweet and romantic, and they will have a perfect effect on the wearers.Since there are so many types of prom dresses in the market, you don’t need to worry about your long prom dresses for various occasions. This dress will be your perfect choice. They are full of glamour and style quotient and at the same time they are fully covered up which gives you the option of wearing a non-revealing dress.

Before buying that beautiful prom dress for your prom night, you need to keep a few things in your mind so as to make the best purchase. The type of fabric and material of your dress is very crucial in terms of buying such dresses. In the market, you will find a tremendous range of fabrics of long prom dresses which includes silk, satin, chiffon, organza, In an effort to select the best dress that suits and flatters your shape, you should be familiar with your body style when shopping for that unique prom dress. Knowing your shape and how to compliment your figure is very important.

No matter what your shape or color personal preferences, you will be able to find long prom dresses that make you feel special and help your evening be most memorable definitely. More great prom dresses: http://www.rainingblossoms.com/20-prom-dresses.

Reasonable Method to Buy Bridesmaid Dresses Online

29 mars 2013

In the old days, buying a bridesmaid dress meant spending hundreds of dollars for a frilly satin number that you really couldn’t ever wear again – and physically having to go to the store for fittings and such. The marvels of the internet have made this transaction a lot easier – you can actually do it with some clicks at home. There are so many places to buy bridesmaid dresses online, that run the gamut from cheap and easy to high-end and designer. The selection is far greater and you can easily stay within a reasonable budget – if you have a try to shop online.

Before purchasing online, you are required to browse the dresses in some well-known online shops. These reputable online stores will offer you the dresses with good quality. And you can also find various fashion styles of the dresses in these stores. If you have found your favorite dress in one of these shops, one thing, you should consider the details about your wedding bridesmaid dresses. You should know exactly which color and size are best suitable for you, then choose the color and the size of your dresses. For another, you should confirm the return policy. Once you find the dresses are not suitable for you, you can return the dresses to this shop.

Finally, make sure that the dresses can be sent to your home in time. So you should ask them about the delivery of your dresses. To ensure that the dresses can be sent to your home before the time of the evening party, you had better buy the dresses earlier. More pretty bridesmaid dresses: http://www.rainingblossoms.com/11-bridesmaid-dresses.

Knee Length Bridesmaid Dresses for Affordable Wedding

28 mars 2013

When asked to attend a best friend’s wedding, every lady is trying to find a beautiful dress to fit properly. Especially invited to act as bridesmaids, they even more need to find a right wedding bridesmaid dress. Actually, there are plenty of dress style for them to choose, But I prefer the knee length bridesmaid dresses. They look a little simple but so elegant, gorgeous and noble, not so exaggerating but so fetching for patterns and styles. And also fit for summer and spring seasons.

black bridesmaid dress

The simple affordable bridesmaid dress is designed special for beautiful bridesmaid. Knee length strapless trumpet bridesmaid dress in iridescent chiffon has matching or contrasting sash. Fan pleats adorn the top of these Grecian-inspired affordable bridesmaid dresses and they are wrap bodice. Classic black bridesmaid dresses are cute and elegant. The modern, elegant sheen above knee length bridesmaid dress in taffeta fabric is in the color of black with well fitted bodice. It is available to take part in the formal and important weddings. It is the classic color as well as the white one. These are both extreme colors.

The Internet is wonderful resources for finding bridesmaid dress.There you can find your cheap, affordable and wholesale bridesmaid dresses. Because the price is the first thing you should take into consideration. In RainingBlossoms.com, you can find what you want. Now both the bride gown and the bridesmaid dress are on sale, and they have a large number of verities faddish dresses. You can choose your wedding dress whenever your can, finding your bridesmaid dresses and enjoy you wedding ceremony.